Caladium “Fiesta”

Probably one of the most special caladiums on the market. The Caladium fiesta has a white base color and is interspersed with pink leaf veins. This makes the plant look just fake and I had to prove the authenticity of the plant to visitors several times. The color of the leaf veins looks a bit runny in places, making it look like the plant has bleeding wounds. As the year progressed, a green edge slowly developed on the almost completely white leaves, but this did not detract from the special appearance of the plant. What I find particularly nice about this species is that the plant remains rather compact and has not exceeded a height of about 30cm in my case.

Caladium Fiesta profile:

Height: up to 30cm
Leaf: medium heart-shaped leaves
Leaf texture: parchment-like
Color: Leaves have a white base color and pink leaf veins. As they age, green leaf margins and veins may increase.

Care of Caladium Fiesta:

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