Are Caladium toxic for dogs and cats

As beautiful as the caladiums with their colorful leaves are, they are unfortunately very toxic. Not only the contained dicarboxylic acids are toxic but also the plant sap is said to be irritating, pungent and thus also cause skin and mucous membrane irritations.

What to do if you touch Caladium sap?

For example, if you have removed leaves and got leaf sap on your hands, wash it off immediately and avoid getting it in your eyes, nose, and mouth or any open wounds. That you should not eat the leaves, tubers or flowerrs is not mentioned here again.

Are Caladium toxic to cats?

Yes caladiums are toxic to cats. It is absolutely necessary to prevent cats from getting to the plants. You can do this, for example, by placing windowsills higher. If it is not possible for you to separate the plants and cat, think carefully if you want to take the risk that your cat gets poisoned.

What to do if the cat has eaten Caladium leaves?

It is best to seek the advice of a veterinarian as soon as possible. Thereby you can find the addresses of vets in your area who have emergency services, in case you notice symptoms of poisoning.

Are Caladium toxic to dogs?

Caladium leaves and tubers are also toxic to dogs. Again, you must be absolutely sure that the dog does not get to the plant and eat leaves of the Caladium. If you can’t guarantee that, think twice about keeping Caladium in your home.

Where can I find info on the toxicity of Caladium?

You can find detailed info on the toxins contained and possible effects of these on the following page: