Caladium dormancy: When the Caladium goes to hibernation

There are only a few houseplants that are subject to an annual rhythm. Most plants are year-round green plants, especially most of our tropical indoor plants. Caladium is different, because these plants require a winter dormancy, where the tubers will regenerate to create more beautiful leaves in the next season.

When is the time for dormancy?

As soon as the days begin to get shorter in the fall, the plant begins to transfer its power resources from the leaves to the tuber. As a result, the leaves slowly die. So the right time is given mainly by your plant, but here in Germany it is about September to October.

Once you notice that the plant is slowly going into dormancy, it is now time for you to act.

What do I need to do for winter dormancy?

  1. First, start by cutting off the withered leaves of the tuber.
  2. Carefully free the tubers from the soil.
  3. Place the tubers in a suitable place to dry for about one to two weeks. For this purpose, you can use, for example, egg cartons.

How do I properly store Caladium tubers?

After the tubers have been dried for the period of 1-2 weeks, you put your tubers in a box, with dry moss or vermiculite. Alternatively, you can put the tubers individually in small jute bags filled with dried moss or coco humus. The bulbs should be kept at temperatures around 20 degrees throughout the winter. At regular intervals, the mixture can be lightly sprayed so that the tubers do not dry out completely. However, you must be careful not to overwater, otherwise the entire tubers can start to mold.

How long do Caladium need to overwinter?

Caladium tubers need at least 10 weeks of winter dormancy to regenerate. So you should replant the tubers no earlier than about mid to late February.

Can I overwinter Caladium tubers in a pot as well?

Of course, overwintering in a pot is also possible. To do this, let the leaves dry and cut them off as soon as they are dry. At the same time, let the substrate dry out. You should spray the tuber lightly to not let it dry out completely.

Now it’s time to wait. Maybe you already want to choose new Caladium for the next season in the meantime? Then take a look at the other species: Caladium species