Are Caladium suitable as houseplants? Tips for keeping Caladium indoors

Caladiums have long been part of the plant assortments of various garden centers, but in the past they were mainly offered as perennial tubers for outdoor cultivation. However, with the arrival of various tropical plants, caladium species have also found their way into German living rooms. Especially by their colorful foliage and good availability at a low price, the caladiums exert a great attraction for the attitude as a houseplant.

Are caladiums suitable as houseplants?

Caladiums require a bright location that should not be too dry if possible. As long as you can reasonably adjust the conditions of the plants to keeping them in your home, caladiums are quite suitable as houseplants. However, many forums and websites also mention that most plants do not reach their maximum size when kept indoors and are otherwise more susceptible.

What problems can arise with indoor housing?

The location is very crucial in the question of what kind of problems can arise. Usually we have with the room attitude above all problems with the low air humidity and with it accompanying problems we dried up or dried up leaves. In addition, I notice with my room attitude that the plants are quasi permanently in search of light and the plant like many other plants also, the sun after align.

This leads to three problems:

  1. If the plant is right by the window, the leaves often stick directly to the windows. This is not necessarily a problem but leads to the fact that you often see little of the leaf splendor, because you can see only the backs of the leaves.
  2. Stehen the plants not directly at the window but in the room and receive too little light there, they often develop longer stems, which have a higher risk to bend over.
  3. The plants that stand too dark sometimes do not develop the desired colors and form especially their white hues much worse and are then rather green.

What should you look for when keeping Caladium indoors?

The plant must be placed in a bright and preferably humid place. You can find out what the perfect location should look like in the article all about Caladium location: this is the perfect location.

If you can offer your plant these two points, the plant will develop well accordingly. It may develop smaller leaves, but that’s generally not a problem as long as you don’t let it bother you. If you can’t provide enough light, you can of course use technical aids to help. Specifically, you can use a plant lamp to offer your plants more light.