Caladium “Spring Fling”

You haven’t seen anything like it! Pink, transparent, almost translucent leaves. Want to have? Then you need the Caladium Spring Fling. The leaves were rather late in developing their pink color on mine, and before that were primarily white with larger pink sprinkles. After the first pink/pink leaves developed the color had taken hold and the leaves got a pink/pink base color interspersed with green leaf veins. The stems are usually almost completely black, giving the plant a classy look. One of the plants that tended to get delusions of grandeur with me and a friend, the plants formed very long stems despite being in bright locations. This in itself is not bad but in our cases required tying up the leaves to prevent them from bending over.

Caladium Spring Fling fact sheet:

Height: up to 60cm
Leaf: medium heart-shaped leaves
Leaf texture: parchment-like
Color: The leaves have a pink base color and green leaf veins. Under certain circumstances, it may seem that the plant does not turn completely pink and looks more white.

Care of Caladium Spring Fling:

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