Caladium “Pearl Blush No.1”

As a Strap Leaf variety, the Caladium Pearl Blush No.1 has very wide and large leaves. The base color is a light green which is mottled. The leaf veins have a light pink and the leaf margins are dark green speckled. Plants grow relatively tall, yet remain compact in growth.

Caladium Pearl Blush No.1 Profile:

Height: up to 50cm
Leaf: large wide heart-shaped leaves
Leaf texture: fixed
Color: The leaves have a light green base color, this is interspersed with delicate pink leaf veins and the plant has many green spots.

white caladium

Care of Caladium Pearl Blush No. 1:

In this species portait you will learn the most important characteristics of the Caladium Pearl Blush No.1. Since the Caladium species differ visually, but within the care there are no differences, you will find all the info on how to successfully care for the Caladium Pearl Blush No.1 indoors on the following pages:.

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