Caladium “Florida Sweetheart”

One of the caladiums sold in stores as a “fancy leave” variant. What does it mean? Some of the leaves are wavy and the leaves generally appear a bit more compact than other caladiums. The petioles don’t get very long and this makes the plant look much more compact and bushy overall than the other caladiums.

Caladium Florida Sweetheart Profile:

Height: up to 30cm
Leaf: wavy heart-shaped leaves
Leaf texture: parchment-like
Color: The leaves have a pink base color and pink leaf veins. The edges of the leaves are green. With age, the color can intensify while the young leaves appear more delicate pink.

Care of the Caladium Florida Sweetheart:

In this species portrait, you’ll learn the key characteristics of Caladium Florida Sweetheart. Since the Caladium species differ visually, but within the care there are no differences, you will find all the info on how to successfully care for the Caladium Florida Sweetheart in the home on the following pages:

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