Caladium “Autumn Beauty”

The Caladium Autumn Beauty is for those who love surprises. Why? Simple: with Autumn Beauty, you don’t know what the next leaves have in store for you. Variegated variegated caladia is almost an understatement. The largest leaf on my plant was red and had different sprinkles and variegations on the leaves. Other leaves were bright yellow with dark green spots and other leaves had deep red leaf veins and spots that looked like typical variegations of other variegated plants. This also makes this species special, as most other caladiums are rather uniform and similar in color and growth.

Caladium Autumn Beauty profile:

Height: up to 60cm
Leaf: large heart-shaped leaves
Leaf texture: fixed
Color: Almost any color can occur, the plants are very variable and can a wide range of colors from red to white.

General Care Instructions:

In this species portait, you’ll learn about the main characteristics of Caladium Autumn Beauty. If you want to learn more about how to successfully care for your Caladium Autumn Beauty indoors, you’ll find everything important about it on the following pages:

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